Thursday, June 2, 2011

One Year Anniversary of The Perfect Game That Wasn't

One year ago today Armando Galarraga pitched his near perfect game. To those of you who don't remember, Galarraga had a perfect game through 8 2/3 innings and the 27th batter he faced grounded to first. Miguel Cabrera tossed the ball to Galarraga who stepped on the bag for what should have been the final out. Only the first base umpire Jim Joyce called rookie Jason Donald safe. Galarraga didn't argue or make a fuss, he went back to work and retired Trevor Crowe for the final out. Jim Joyce admitted his mistake and publicly apologized to Galarraga. While Galarraga won't go into the record books as pitching a perfect game, the sportsmanship on both his and the umpire's part was truly refreshing. Now for our game.

In 2010 Galarraga and Miguel Cabrera were on the Detroit Tigers.

Cabrera and Ivan Rodriguez received World Series Rings while on the 2003 Florida Marlins.

In 1993 Pudge was teamed with the ageless Julio Franco on the Texas Rangers.

The 1983 Cleveland Indians played home to Franco and Bake McBride.

In 1976 McBride shared the outfield with stolen base king Lou Brock on the St. Loius Cardinals.

Before one of the most infamous trades in baseball history, Brock was teammates with Ron Santo (who looked an awful lot like Don Landrum) on the 1963 Chicago Cubs.

From Armando Galarraga to Ron Santo (or was it Don Landrun?) in 6 degrees.

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