Friday, September 30, 2011

Here are all the cards I created for this blog. It even includes some that were never posted. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Cards That Never Were: 1969 Topps Checklist

Here is a list of the cards I made for this blog. I made this checklist now because I've gotten a bit bored with the original idea for this blog. It sounded like a cool concept when I started but it really wasn't as challenging as I first thought. 

Along the way, I started making my own Ron Santo cards, and because I enjoyed that, I started another blog, Card That Never Were, and pursued that interest further. I may come back to this blog from time to time. I plan to continue with some of the ideas started on this blog, like the player manager cards or using football card formats on baseball cards. But most of my future creations will be posted on my other site.

Thanks for checking out my blog.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Cards That Never Were: 1962 Fleer Football - New Poll

Here is the 1962 Fleer Football version of Ron Santo. Again Fleer has simplicity on it's side, but not really much else going for it.

If anybody is still paying attention, I'd like to see what you think. Leave a comment to vote.

Which version of the 1962 Ron Santo do you like best?

1. The original 1962 Topps Baseball version?
2. The 1962 Topps Football version?
3. The 1962 Fleer Football version?

Results of the 1961 Poll

Original 1961 Topps Baseball
2 Votes

And none of the other cards received a single vote. In my opinion the original was the best, if only because of the trophy graphic. I thought of including it on the other cards but that trophy is unique to Topps baseball cards. I like both Fleer designs but the baseball card loses points for having no information other than the player's name on the front. No team logo, no team name, no position, nothing. The fooball card has a clean look similar to the 1973 Topps but could use a but more color. The topps football is just plain boring.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cards That Never Were: 1962 Topps Football

This is the third in my series of Ron Santo on Topps Football cards. This is the photo used on the 1962 Topps baseball card used in the 1962 Topps football format. I like this version better than the 1962 baseball, it has a nice vintage look and also has a tiny "action shot" in the corner. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mark Teixeira homers from both sides for 12th time and Sets Record

Earlier this year I posted a blog celebrating Mark Teixeira's 11th time hitting homers from both sides of the plate in the same game. That ties the record but last night against the White Sox he broke that record. He hit a left-handed 2 run homer off John Danks in the 3rd inning and a right-handed solo homer off Jason Frasor.  The Yankees beat the Sox 6-0.

In 2005 he and teammate Gary Matthews both  accomplished this feat while playing for the Texas Rangers.

In 2003 Matthews was teamed with switch hitter David Segui on the Baltimore Orioles. Segui homered from both sides in 1998 for Seattle.

In 1990 Segui was teamed with Mickey Tettleton on the Orioles. Tettleton had switch hit homers in games for the Orioles, Tigers and Rangers.

Tettleton played with fellow switch hitter Dave Collins on the 1985 Oakland A's.

In 1979 Collins played on the Cincinnati Reds with Ken Henderson. Henderson homers from both sides of plate in 1975 for the White Sox.

Ken was Ron Santo's teammate during his Final year on the Sox.

From Teixeira to Santo using nothing but switch hitters in 6 degrees.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Marlins Managers : Edwin Rodriguez and Jack McKeon

The Marlins began 2011 with Edwin Rodriguez ath the helm. Edwin played in 11 major league games between 1982 and 1985. That is 11 more games than career minor league catcher Jack McKeon. The 80 year old McKeon took over when Rodriguez resigned on June 19th. Neither manager had a card issued in 2011 so I am starting a new trend: The Topps Heritage Interim Manager Card. 

In 1985 "Ed" Rodriguez was a middle infielder for the Las Vegas Stars where his teammate on the Padres Farm team was catcher Mark Parent. While on the Padres in 1989 Parent was managed by Jack Mckeon. For those of you keeping score at home that's a two-for-one degree of seperation. 

In 1992 Parent was the battery mate of pitcher and future ESPN sportscaster Rick Sutcliffe.

In1984 Sutcliffe won the NL Cy Young award and helped the Cubs to their first post-season since 1945 along with veteran shortstop Larry Bowa.

A young Larry Bowa made his major league debut on the 1970 Phillies. His teammate Tony Taylor had career highs in RBIs and Batting average. 

In 1958 Taylor defended the middle infield with Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks during his first MVP season.

In 1965 Banks and Santo defended the corners for the Cubbies.

From Rodriguez and McKeon to Santo in 6 degrees.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cards That Never Were: 1961 Fleer Football

This week's Ron Santo Card that wasn't is a 1961 Fleer Football style card. Just as I did last week, I used the photo from the 1961 Topps. I must admit, I like the vintage simplicity of this design. 

I'm still fairly new to this blog thing, but if anybody is actually reading this, I'd like to know what you think about it. I'm not sure how to create a poll using images so please just leave a comment.

Which 1961 version of Ron Santo do you like best?


  1. The original 1961 Topps version?
  2. The 1961 Fleer Baseball Version?
  3. The 1961 Topps Football Version?
  4. The 1961 Fleer Football Version?

Please submit your votes in the comment section.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Manager Cards Redux

I've done quite a few posts featuring manager cards and I'm only up to the Mariners. The one thing I haven't gotten bored with is checking out the managers as players. So here are a few of the cards featured in my earlier posts. I used the format of the 1974 O Pee Chee Hank Aaron Special as a template. 

Bobby Cox was featured as both player and manager in my first post.

Dick Williams appeared in my tribute to Harmon Killebrew

Mike Scioscia was my first post to feature 2011 managers. 

My posting on Sparky Anderson was inspired by an article I read that portrayed Sparky Anderson the manager and George Anderson the player and family man as different personalities.

I've got a few more ideas on how to feature the player / manager cards, so look for a few similar posts in the future.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mariners Manager : Eric Wedge

Eric Wedge is in his first year as manager of the Seattle Mariners. He was the Cleveland Indians manager from 2003 until 2009. He led the Indians to a division championship in 2007 and was voted AL Manager of the year.

As a player, Wedge played sparingly for the Red Sox from 1991-1992 then was selected by the Colorado Rockies in the expansion draft. He was a late season call up for the Rockies in 1993. Andres Galarraga was having an All Star season for the Rockies during their inaugural year.

Galarraga also represented the Montreal Expos in the 1988 All Star game. '88 was the final year for teammate and 6 time All Star Graig Nettles.

Nettles had his best season playing for the 1977 World Series Champion New York Yankees. Despite putting up career high numbers during the regular season, Nettles hit an anemic .171 in the post season. Fortunately his teammate was Mr. October, Reggie Jackson.

Reggie led the AL with 39 Homers in 1975 while an aging Billy Williams still showed that sweet swing with 22 home runs as DH for the 1975 Oakland A's.

In 1964 Billy Williams and Ron Santo represented the Chicago Cubs in the All Star game.

From Eric Edge to Ron Santo in 5 degrees.