Friday, July 1, 2011

Cubs Manager : Mike Quade

The current manager of the Chicago Cubs is Mike Quade. He took over for Lou Piniella late last season. While he hasn't achieved much, he hasn't had much to work with, despite having the2nd highest payroll in the National League.

Quade never made the big leagues as a player but was made a manager at 28 years old. In this card he is a 26 year old player/coach for the 1983 Alexandria Dukes. His teammate is Bobby Bonilla or as he was known as then, "Roberto".

Bonilla came up as a rookie on the 1986 Chicago White Sox where he played with Hall of Fame catcher Carlton Fisk.

Who can forget Fisk waving his home run ball fair during the 1975 World Series? Equally unforgettable is his 1975 Red Sox teammate, Luis Tiant's turn-around delivery.

In 1968 Tiant had an incredible 1.60 ERA which was credited to changing to his trademark delivery. He was teamed with veteran pitcher Stan Williams on the Cleveland Indians.

At 6'4" 225 lbs, Williams was an intimidating force on batters and won a World Series game for the L.A. Dodgers in 1959. His teammate was utility infielder Don Zimmer.

Zimmer has a full history with the Cubs as a manger, coach and a player. In 1961 he played for the Cubs alongside Ron Santo.

From Quade to Santo in 6 degrees.

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  1. MIKE QUADE, who was rather stupidly removed by the Chicago Cubs as their manager in a very short period, but that is another story, was named today as the 2015 manager of the Rochester Red Wings, the Triple-AAA affiliate in the International League of the Minnesota Twins ...

    One of the best baseball men you could ever meet should do well with this team.