Friday, July 29, 2011

Manager Cards Redux

I've done quite a few posts featuring manager cards and I'm only up to the Mariners. The one thing I haven't gotten bored with is checking out the managers as players. So here are a few of the cards featured in my earlier posts. I used the format of the 1974 O Pee Chee Hank Aaron Special as a template. 

Bobby Cox was featured as both player and manager in my first post.

Dick Williams appeared in my tribute to Harmon Killebrew

Mike Scioscia was my first post to feature 2011 managers. 

My posting on Sparky Anderson was inspired by an article I read that portrayed Sparky Anderson the manager and George Anderson the player and family man as different personalities.

I've got a few more ideas on how to feature the player / manager cards, so look for a few similar posts in the future.

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