Monday, August 8, 2011

Cards That Never Were: 1962 Fleer Football - New Poll

Here is the 1962 Fleer Football version of Ron Santo. Again Fleer has simplicity on it's side, but not really much else going for it.

If anybody is still paying attention, I'd like to see what you think. Leave a comment to vote.

Which version of the 1962 Ron Santo do you like best?

1. The original 1962 Topps Baseball version?
2. The 1962 Topps Football version?
3. The 1962 Fleer Football version?

Results of the 1961 Poll

Original 1961 Topps Baseball
2 Votes

And none of the other cards received a single vote. In my opinion the original was the best, if only because of the trophy graphic. I thought of including it on the other cards but that trophy is unique to Topps baseball cards. I like both Fleer designs but the baseball card loses points for having no information other than the player's name on the front. No team logo, no team name, no position, nothing. The fooball card has a clean look similar to the 1973 Topps but could use a but more color. The topps football is just plain boring.

1 comment:

  1. 1962 Football by far, great looking set. I love me some black borders, but I have always loved the b&w action shot they used along with the main photo.